Welcome to Uren Novaberry Ltd

Uren Novaberry Ltd is a Polish manufacturer of frozen fruit for industry, both conventional and organic.

We specialise in cherry and raspberry, but strawberry and rhubarb are part of our business, too.

Our coldstore is located in the heart of cherry and raspberry growing region which is recognised to be the biggest in the EU.
Location of the coldstore and its high technology set up result in the production of IQF fruit of premium quality.

E.g. Stone tolerance we declare meets 1 stone per 50 kg of IQF pitted cherry. Uren Novaberry quality standard is 5 times higher than the standards offered by other Polish frozen cherry producers.  

The company strategy is to:

1. Satisfy our customers with reliable cooperation and professional service.

2. Strengthen relations with local growers to get fresh fruit of proven quality for our quality-wise products.

3. Keep up with the requirements of technological regime to secure a 4,500 mt/year risk free production of frozen goods by:
- a quality control and monitoring system approved by blue-chip multinational companies and independent third party accreditation;
- continuous investment into our facility and staff.